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Раздел: кафе, кейтеринг, доставка еды

Кухня: русская, европейская, авторская
Время работы: круглосуточно
Адрес: Встречная, 33
Телефон: (342) 246-97-87, 219-02-11
Сайт: motel-chayka.ru
Люди говорят: Чайка

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Marty 23.05.2017 01:34

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Twiggy 22.05.2017 18:40

Check that off the list of things I was coufsned about.

Jaylon 20.05.2017 19:07

Yup, that'll do it. You have my apiricpateon. http://tdwyhh.com

Lorraine 19.05.2017 06:29

That's a sensible answer to a chleianglng question

Mickey 18.05.2017 09:08

Dear Antoine,indeed I did, thank you. Silly oversight, really. Mind you, we
have seen the UK government try to argue that its contingent in Iraq is acting
on behalf of the UN, and that acts of the Royal Armed Forces there are
therefore not attributable to the UK. That was in Al-Jedda in the House of
Lords, and the House was having none of it. I think it was right in that, but
whether the majority's reading of Behrami (dghuinitissed) was entirely fair
may be open to question. But then, so may the correctness of Behrami...
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